WTN Pay is a digital business accelerator, company created in Brazil in 2006 by a group of visionary investors. In 2017, we created the first platform for cashback, purchases, payments, recharges, withdrawals, transfers and international sales based on blockchain, uniting the financial market and loyalty programs, with the vision of leveraging its operations and bringing a solid business opportunity, managing to innovate. and generate value for both markets, our vocation is to awaken the same vision in each of our affiliates or clients.



Making digital payments technology possible for everyone, expanding the international financial market, transforming people into entrepreneurs through our business.



Provide the best digital technology and security for our affiliates or customers, with international reference through the use of payments and receipts in several markets around the world.



Satisfaction, safety, technology and performance. Our management must always be as a team, valuing and respecting ethics based on responsibility and trust.

WTN Pay Digital Account

WTN Pay aims to facilitate your purchases, payments, recharges, withdrawals, transfers and sales, and at the same time offer financial return. Everything works in a simple way: you refer people you know to participate in the program. These people, in turn, will do the same, and so on. The more membership and participation, the more significant your reward.

Reduction of operating costs

Zero cost in the application of the program and, consequently, elimination of costs and operating fees. System sustainability, in the face of revenue generation with its use. Right to awards for indication of its customers and new partners. Resources for working capital. Advertising cost reduction. Customer loyalty with sales quality. Exposure of your brand in the WTN Pay APP.

Ease of payment

Your money on your mobile. Make your WTN Pay Digital Account and tell your family, friends and relatives, every time they use the APP to buy you get rewards 24 hours a day. Ease for the shopkeeper, your credits within 24 hours with no advance fee.

Rewards Program


By becoming a WTN Pay affiliate or merchant, you will have access to an exclusive virtual office, where you can manage your relationship network more easily and transparently to increase your reward. This is just one more reason for you to join the WTN Pay Rewards Program.


Fill in the registration with the mobile number of your indicator, choose your profile, affiliate or merchant, you are ready to participate in the WTN Pay Rewards Program.